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McClelland Tobacco Company

McClelland Bulk Pipe Tobacco-Since 1977 McClelland has established a tradition of craftsmanship in tobaccos for the pipe. A pipe smoker can surely find the strength and taste he is looking for in their broad range of pipe smoking tobacco. Their blends include Premium Aromatics, Matured Virginias, Oriental Mixtures, Latakia Blends, the traditional Christmas Cheer and Holiday Spirit and many more.

Avenue Blends

AM Pipe

Dunhill Early Morning Pipe was "A sweet Oriental carefully blended with Bright and Red Virginias, pressed and lightly stoved. Great as the `first pipe` arousing the palate for the further pleasures of the day." This blend is amazingly close. (LIKE Dunhill Early Morning Pipe)

PM Pipe

This blend of Virginias, Orientals and Latakia that is deepened and spiced by the addition of tangy Perique is an ideal choice for an evening smoke. PM stands for "post meridiem" or after midday
(LIKE Dunhill Nightcap)

Nine 2 Five

An extraordinary medium English Mixture, full-flavored, cool-smoking for daytime smoking pleasure. (LIKE Dunhill 965)


A wonderful black raspberry aroma distinguishes this well-rounded blend of Black and Golden Cavendish pipe tobaccos. Rich and smooth and delightfully aromatic.

Nutty Hazel

Toasted and Smoked

Relax. Take 5. Take another moment to savor this balanced blend of Black Cavendish, Virginia and Burley. A subtle, sweet cherry-like aroma distinguishes the mellow yet robust pipe tobacco.

VBC Vanilla Black Cavendish

A great stand alone smoke and a wonderful blender. Try it and see how well it will fit into your lineup of house blends. It has a delightful vanilla charachter that is pronounced both in the pouch and in the room and yet is not at all overpowering.

Matured Virginias

#2000 Fragrant Matured Cake Mix

A really distinctive product that will enable you to satisfy and upgrade many aromatic smokers who have been sacrificing cleanness of burning to obtain a sweet aroma. It is often found to be preferable by those who have been smoking the various sweet, black pipe tobaccos, traditional aromatic cavendishes, and many standard aromatics because of its cooler, dryer smoking qualities and its natural pipe tobacco taste. This light, soft sweet cake is also designed to appeal to many smokers of Matured Virginias who have been unable to endure aromatics but who would prefer a pipe tobacco that smells sweeter in the room.

#2010 Classic Virginia

A blend made with Eastern and Middle Belt lemon, orange and orange-red Virginias. A sweet, smooth, zesty smoke. It should be suggested to anyone looking for a light-bodied, naturally sweet, satisfying Virginia.

#2015 Virginia Flake/Perique

Made from orange and red Virginias to which enough premium St. James Perique has been added to create a refreshing smoke with a satisfying richness and depth of flavor. This well-balanced, dark, matured cake is reminiscent of the Maritime Flakes of the past.

#2025 English Cavendish

A pleasant, rather light, broken, small-flake pipe tobacco made with lemon Brazilian and orange Middle Belt leaf seasoned with enough Xanthi to be satisfying throughout the day without becoming tiresome to the smoker. This is a fine pipe tobacco for those who crave a taste somewhat rounder than that of a straight Virginia.

#5100 Red Cake

A style of English Virginia that has seldom been seen in America. A sweet, exceptionally soft, fully-rubbed Matured Cake, #5100 is a wonderful blending pipe tobacco as well as a fine, medium-bodied straight smoke. This is an extremely high-grade, refined product.

#5105 Stoved Virginia

The style of Black Virginia Cake pipe tobacco that has given classic English Mixtures their characteristic flavor and refinement of quality. It is rich and sweet with a delightful, naturally spicy aroma. Use it for blending or as a straight product similar to Rattray's Black Virginia or Dark Fragrant.

#5115 Old World Classic

A matured cake blend of the finest lemon and orange-red Virginias, enhanced with natural fruit essences. It is lightly sweet, satisfying, smooth but with a little zest. This is Matured Virginia at its traditional best.

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Oriental Mixtures

#2030 No 1 Grade Balkan

A classic style Medium Balkan Mixture prepared from rich, stoved Virginia strip, Cyprian Latakia, lemon Carolina and the finest Greek Oriental pipe tobaccos.

#2045 Oriental Mixture

Oriental Mixture is soft and sweet, rich in light Orientals and Carolina pipe tobaccos with somewhat less Latakia than No. 2040. This is a fine medium mixture.

#2050 Oriental Cavendish

Oriental Cavendish is an unusual mixture because it contains no Latakia but still has the round, rich flavor one expects from this style of pipe tobacco. Liberal quantities of Orientals and a special Virginia Cavendish made with Eastern Belt Carolina leaf combine with our Black Cavendish to make No. 2050 a pipe tobacco which should satisfy a great many smokers.

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American Aromatics

#710 Columbian Mocha

A smooth, medium mixture of Black Cavendish and Virginia pipe tobaccos enhanced by the rich fragrance of dark chocolate and mellow Colombian coffee beans.

#715 Raspberries in Cream

This is an elegant aromatic with the fragrance and flavor of fresh red raspberries in cream. Soft, light-bodied, artfully flavored, with mild American Virginias and our best Black Cavendish, this blend is delicious all the way down the bowl.

#M-40 Rum Toddy

A wonderfully tipsy blend of lemon and orange flue-cured Virginias and sweet, mellow Black Cavendish. Cooling to the tongue and warming to the soul. A blend that's full of Good Cheer

#M-55 Georgian Cream

This flavor has delighted american palates as far back as the Revolution. The basic combination of orchard fruit (chiefly peach), nut and honey can be found in the desserts known to have delighted Presidents Jefferson and Madison. A delicate balance has been achieved here. There is the real pipe tobacco taste of the fine Virginias and Burleys and Black Cavendish but then there's always the hint of sweetness, the faint aroma of some fine confection. This is a classic.bowl.


#X-10 Burley Ribbon

A beautiful Tennessee Burley ribbon, naturally rich and nutty in flavor, complemented with a touch of North Carolina Bright Virginia for balance. No added aroma. This is as natural a Burley as you'll ever see. A perfect blender. Delicious alone.

#X-60 Burley Broadcut

A hearty Burley, cut wide for cool smoking and maple flavored for a rich smooth, traditional-style Burley smoke.

#BTR Blended Turkish Ribbon

The finest Oriental pipe tobaccos from Greece and Turkey cut in classic English-style ribbon form to add their delicate herbal/spicy scent and gentle sweetness to your own Oriental Mixtures.